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Katie & Chris's Love...


The photos are absolutely everything and more than we imagined-- exactly the reason we hired you to begin with. We can not thank you enough for your amazing professionalism, talent, and passion for your work. We both felt at ease knowing you were capturing the day as it went by. You were by far the best vendor we worked with in our whole wedding planning experience and can't wait for another occasion that will give us an excuse to work with you again!

We will enjoy our wedding day for years to come thanks to your wonderful work.

 All our best,

Kate and Chris DeSantis (yay!)"

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Lynsey & Jay's love ...

"Dear Kristen,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our engagement and wedding such a wonderful event. I remember looking at your website back in January and was blown away by your beautiful pictures; even Jay was very impressed! Our engagement session was so much fun and you really captured us as the silly couple we are. I was really impressed how beautiful the wedding pictures came out. Not only did you capture the essence of the day but you mangaed to take beautiful pictures of a girl that hates to get her pictures taken and is unphotogenic. Jay and I look forward to buying some of your amazing photos!

XOXO ,  Lynsey"

- by the way, Lynsey is a beautiful girl! -Kristen

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Mari & Paul's love...

"In one word the images are AMAZING! We are so lucky to have found you,
Kristen. You have truly documented the joy, fun, and excitement of our
wedding day, highlighting the details as well as the big picture
moments that will always remind us of this happy occasion. As I've
told you before - I really admire your use of light, focus, and color
that enhance each of the special and unique locations that you shared
with us throughout Martha's Vineyard. We LOVE the images on the docks,
in the field, and at Alley's General Store. Standing on that floating
dock is an apt metaphor for starting our marriage - we achieved
perfect balance by working together, having fun, and looking pretty
darn good while doing it! Thanks for lighting up our special day with
your flash and with your smile, positive energy, and enthusiasm. Can't
wait to see more!

xo, Mari & Paul"

 see what true love looks like...


Jaime & David's love...

Hi Kristen!

David and I have spent quite a bit of time touring the photos - they are OUTSTANDING!

We have had so many compliments...everyone loves what you did. Thank you!!!

Thank you again!!

All the best!



Kelly & Eric's love...


OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The pictures are AMAZING.  I really can't even think of

words to express how overjoyed we are with them.  You perfectly captured

the day - every time I look through them it is like I am re-living the

wedding.  One of our friends told us that they were the most beautiful

wedding photos that she had ever seen and that "our photographer was worth

every penny;" and I couldn't agree more.

Thank you so so so so so much for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 see what true love looks like...


Erin & Jon's love...

Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm in love!!!!!!

Jon and I are blown away. We really love so many moments we didn't think you caught on camera! I have only been able to look at 500 since Jon wanted me to see the rest with him tonight but everything I've seen so far is beyond what I could have ever wished for! You truly are a wizard! Everyone at my office can't stop saying how talented you are. You are such a treasure! Thank you for every moment you captured! I'll let you know how the rest look once I see them!

Thank you again!

 see what true love looks like...


Megan & Erik's love...

Dude, there are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how awesome the photos are!  I love the photos of me with my brother and sister.  You captured us so well.  Maybe too well.  I can't stop looking at them! Thanks again for being our photographer.  I couldn't imagine anyone else being there to do what you did.  So much of the fun and smiling while getting ready was because of you too. I just wish you girls could have stayed for the after party! We might have to host a wedding reunion next summer for all the cool cats who made our wedding possible.  By the way, I hope Mary is super psyched about her hair shots.  They are amazing!  

I'll be in touch soon.



 see what true love looks like...


Tiffin & Mike's love...

Hi Kristen,

I'm speechless...

These are amazing photos!  You are a fantastic artist!!  You were a pleasure to work with and captured the look and the moments that I will treasure. I can't stop looking at them....after the 10th time Mike told me to close my computer because I am completely obsessed.  They are gorgeous! Thank you SO much! We can't wait to see more...

Thank you,


 see what true love looks like...


Lisa & Rebecca's love...


We just finished looking at all the photos.  There are no words to express how beautiful and awesome we think the photos are, but we'll try anyway.  When we found you online, we knew immediately that you were the one and only photographer that we wanted to capture and preserve our wedding images for us.  Our admiration of your talent reached a whole new level after seeing our engagement and wedding photos.  The photographs are absolutely beautiful and we will treasure them always. We are so glad we went with the fog.  It made the photos so romantic, unique and dramatic!  We wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

Thank you so much for making our day so magical and fun.  

You are awesome!


Lisa and Rebecca Schafer

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Bianca & Clinton's love...

"AHHHHHH! Kristen it is amazing! Thank you for being the BEST photographer EVER! If you ever need a reference please let me know!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait to see all of them!!!"

Bianca Elliott Colgin
Fashion Stylist 

 see what true love looks like... 


Marian & Josh's looove...


First, we took a peek at the teaser photos on the blog, at which point we decided to cancel our dinner plans in order to devote our night to the complete set. There are no words...Josh and I were more emotional looking at your photos than we were during the actual wedding! I thank you, thank you, thank you, on behalf of Josh and myself, our families, our friends, and whomever we might share these photos with in the future, for the spectacular images and memories of our wedding day. I can't wait for the next big life event so that we can call on you to capture it!